Human Resource Policy
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Instead of leading its group, HFAL has always walked behind them in order to motive them and see them rise.
Hira Ferro Company Policy
Valuing Our Team
Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. has always recognized the contribution made by its work force in its growth and development. Its faith in the efforts put by its employees in turn enhances their productivity and passion towards their work. It has invariably extended its support for the welfare of its people ensuring an enriched life for them.
Health and Safety Measures
HR Policy Safety is the most important factor in determining the working standards of an organization. HFAL provides all the required and updated healthcare facilities in the areas of its operation. The work force is provided with timely training regarding the use of equipments and the safety procedures.
Overall Employee Growth
HFAL’s skill development system is aimed towards enhancing an individual’s professional growth and strengthening the self-development system. It includes inculcating effective decision making, a focus on results, strategic thinking, teamwork, awareness regarding the company and effective communication.

HR Policy The main objective of it’s on and off the job training system is to enhance the employee’s managerial and functional capabilities. It rewards every effort put by the employees towards the benefit of the company. HFAL believes that well motivated employees always work in a productive as well as a creative way.

Free Flow of Communication
The company ensures that all the information that is pertinent to employees is communicated effectively across the organization. There is a smooth mechanism that enables the workers to voice their concerns to the attention of the management. Regular inter departmental meetings are conducted in the presence of the board members to sort to issues and to discuss matters of concern. These meetings are given complete attention by the board members in order to facilitate peace in working.