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HFAL believes in moving towards success by conforming to a set of rules that help it in going the right way.
Hira Ferro Company Policy The HFALseeks to ensure the wellbeing of the company by working inline with its formulated code of conduct. It aims to consistently improve its safety indicators and provide for the security of its operations. All activities concerning the surveillance of the confidential information and prevention of insider trading are performed in accordance with the statutory rules and policies.

The mentioned code of conduct serves as an ethical route through which the HFAL conducts its businesses. It has been devised to ensure the HFAL’s relevance and effectiveness towards the needs of its investors and stakeholders. To go through the code of conduct, click on the links below:
  • Code of corporate disclosure-practices for prevention of insider trading
  • Audit committee charter
  • Code of conduct for director and senior officers
  • Code of conduct for prevention of insider trading