Green Energy
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Environmental protection is one area where HFAL has always put in relentless efforts aiming to make this world a better place.
Green Energy Initiatives - Wind and SolarHFAL aims to carefully use the energy resources like biomass, solar, wind and geothermal energy. Its initiatives in the direction include:
  • Increased use of biomass energy for heat and power generation.
  • 8.5MW of power is generated by the company‚Äôs biomass base plant that makes one third of the total green energy produced.
  • Utilization of wind energy resources in an optimal manner for cleaner energy and energy security through the installation of power generating units.
  • Putting efforts and devising ways for power generation through gravitational force of falling and flowing water which is a form of renewable energy.
  • Actively participating in adopting Renewable energy concepts.
The company has been and will always be a strong abider of environmental protection, making investments on environment-preserving facilities. It has taken up the task of bolstering the environment in order to make the world a safer place!