Infrastructural Development
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HFAL thrives in a work area that is marked with excellent infrastructural facilities and a great working environment.
Developing InfrastructuresSufficient availability of infrastructural facilities stands as a pre-requisite for social and economic development. HFAL has taken up the responsibility of developing and upgrading the infrastructure to ensure convenience in the lives of its nearby rural communities. It works together with the local communities and the stakeholders so that the areas that need infrastructural development can be identified.

HFAL's endeavors towards its infrastructural aims are as follows:
  • Maintenance of rural roads and arrangement of safe drinking water.
  • Construction of borer wells to deal with water crisis.
  • Financial aid to rural communities for their social and cultural enhancement.
  • Provision of sewing machines, clothes, chairs and ceiling fans to the needy people.
  • Community enrichment activities such as construction of approach roads and supporting the cultural activities by building stages etc.
HFAL's thoughtful initiatives have made remote areas more accessible and developed. They form the basis of its business philosophy. Something that started as mere philanthropy is now a strong pillar on which the company stands tall!