Building an Educated Nation


HFAL understands that education stands as one of the building blocks of a nation. It considers it as one of its major priority zones. It aims to develop a nation that is filled with educated minds. It does every bit to nurture the people so that in turn they become capable of contributing to the nation’s development. The company has focused on the enlightenment of the people, making them better and aware citizens. From its inception, the company has taken up a lot of initiatives in education that have catered to the needs of the people. The positive effects of its efforts in the direction have been promising enough to take up further initiatives.

  • Developing various government schools by building them further according to need.
  • Rewarding meritorious students of Government schools to boost their morale. Sponsoring the education of a lot of needy children.
  • Encouraging underprivileged girls from rural communities around its operational areas to study.
  • Organizing seminars and workshops for imparting technical education involving soft skills especially for the people of remote regions.
  • Sponsoring salaries of the teachers teaching in rural areas to keep them motivated to impart quality learning skills.
  • Providing various facilities to the schools such as furniture and computers in rural areas.

HFAL has been encouraging self-development in students belonging to remote areas. It has envisioned promoting excellence in education and encouraging the schools to serve children better. It has been working for equipping students with knowledge, skills and aspiring them to meet the challenges and demands of globalization.