Healthy Population

Healthy Population

According to HFAL, good health is the prerequisite for any endeavor to turn into success.


HFAL has always envisioned a society full of healthy people. According to it, good health is the prime ingredient for increased productivity and growth. It extends the much-needed healthcare support in remote rural areas. Through effective and consistent efforts it has made a marked difference in the lives of the downtrodden. Offering access to medical facilities for the poor has been an important aspect of the company’s social initiatives.

The company’s steps in this direction have been mentioned below:

  • Organizing blood donation camps.
  • Organizing health check-up camps.
  • Organizing pulse polio camps in the communities near its areas of operation.
  • Provision of free medicines for the people of rural areas.
  • Providing financial aid to the patients who cannot afford the treatment for their chronic diseases.

Under its health program, HFAL has made innumerable efforts to preserve the lives of the people affected by disaster-stricken situations.

  • Financial aid to the chief minister’s relief fund.
  • Financial support to Gujrat
  • Financial aid to Bihar flood relief fund

HFAL HFAL has always discreetly gone out of the way to help people in their time of need. It realizes that a people’s health is their most prized possession. Therefore it safeguards and enriches their lives by ensuring their healthcare.