Waste Management

Waste Management

HFAL has always contributed to social and economic development by devising the best ways for waste reduction and benefitting society.

Industrialization, as revolutionary as it is has some cons as well. HFAL has taken up the task of preventing the depletion and pollution of natural resources. It is consistently involved in the reduction of wastes and prevention of their contamination for sustainable socio-economic development.

Struggling for the cause HFAL has implemented some steps:

  • Being Asia’s one of the largest Fly ash brick manufacturers, it efficiently utilizes fly ash which is produced during the plant operation, for manufacturing tiles, concrete, and other aggregates as an economical option.
  • Slag, a solid waste generated from its operations is being used for the construction of internal roads in its industrial locations. It is also being supplied to NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY (NHA) for road construction.
  • Mineral dust pollutants like MN ore fines are being used in briquetting plants for manufacturing ferroalloys.

Through the successful implementation of waste management strategies, HFAL is contributing to the protection of the environment. It has embraced environmental sustainability and has vowed to continue its efforts living up to its business values of benefitting the community and the society.