Water: Striving for its Purity

Making available Fresh and pure water at all times through its operations is one of HFAL’s prime objectives.

Water: Striving for its purity

Some of the measures adopted by the company to retain the purity of water and safeguard this valuable resource are:

  • Have Biological, chemical, and physical, effluent treatment technologies installed to minimize the impact of process effluents on the water?
  • Putting efforts into making water drinkable for the rural communities near its work area through intense research and development works.
  • Reducing the consumption of fresh water through installed air cooled condensers and generating power through the same.
  • Arranging awareness camps in the rural areas nearby advocating the concept of saving water.

HFAL has been engaging in the management of water resources within its direct operations. Its steps in the direction are routed in the principles of equity, accountability including the participation of its stakeholders. It strongly believes that such efforts would help in maintaining the supply and quality of water for all the times to come.