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Pioneers in enabling the low carbon steel industry, driving change since 1990.

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Backed by brilliant minds in the leadership team and in line with our commitment to the environment, HFAL is proud to manufacture green Ferro Alloys. We believe in going beyond conventional industry norms to create products that contribute to a greener future. By utilizing green energy for our manufacturing processes, we ensure that our products aren't just exceptional but also contribute to a sustainable tomorrow.

About us

At HFAL, we're pioneers in enabling the low carbon steel industry, driving change since 1990. As part of the Hira Group of Industries, we're committed to sustainable steel manufacturing, backed by ISO certifications for quality and safety. With an impressive 60500 TPA capacity of manganese-based Ferro Alloys, we're redefining industry standards while championing environmental consciousness.

Our journey extends to green energy adoption, evident in our 20MW captive thermal power generation and upcoming 55 MW Captive Solar Power Plant. Independent power projects, yielding 8.5 MW from biomass and 1.5MW from wind energy, showcase our unwavering commitment to an eco-friendly future. Join us in our quest for a greener tomorrow, where innovation and environmental responsibility harmonize seamlessly.

Our Story

At Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. (HFAL), we stand as a beacon of excellence, embodying the legacy of the esteemed Hira Group of Industries, a pioneer in steel manufacturing from central India. Since our inception, we've been an integral part of the modern steel-making and refining landscape, contributing significantly to the production of manganese-based Ferro Alloys. With a lineage dating back to 1990, HFAL has firmly established itself as a venerable force, shaping the industry through unwavering dedication and commitment.

Our Mission

At HFAL, our mission is firmly grounded in the three E's: Environment, Energy, and Ecology. Since 1990, our purpose-driven journey has centered around reshaping the steel industry through unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. As an extension of the esteemed Hira Group of Industries, we've been at the forefront of modern steel-making, crafting manganese-based Ferro Alloys.

Our Vision

Our dedication to corporate governance is aligned with our determination to cultivate growth and value. As pioneers in Ferro Alloys manufacturing, we're dedicated to diverse interests, including customized Power projects that cater to both captive and non-captive energy needs, all while remaining steadfast in our environmental stewardship.

Part of Hira group of industries.

Forging Stronger Alloys, Building a Greener World! Our Values-

At HFAL, our parent group Hira and its values serve as the compass guiding us forward. Rooted in a profound concern for the environment, we infuse each alloy with the spirit of responsibility. Our pursuit of innovation is driven by a deep commitment to creating ferro alloys that champion sustainable progress.

About Hira group

Sustainability as Our Guiding Star

Leaving a positive impact through education, sports, recreation, environment, and infrastructural development.

Innovation at the Heart of Progress

Continuous investment in R&D, cost effective measures and automation to thrive the competition and lead.

Shaping Industries with a Mindful Touch

Strengthening the foundation of various sectors through our alloy expertise, innovation and customer satisfaction.

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