Diverse blend of experience, expertise, and dedication

Leadership Team

Shri Narayan Prasad Agrawal

Expertise: Strategic Vision

Shri Narayan Prasad Agrawal is a visionary leader and a highly respected figure in society. With his strategic acumen and deep love for the community, he has been instrumental in shaping the impressive success story of Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd as its esteemed Managing Director. Through his proficient management skills in financial, commercial, and administrative aspects, he has played a pivotal role in the company's remarkable growth. Beyond his exceptional management skills, Shri Agrawal's unwavering commitment to the welfare of society has left an indelible mark. His selfless contributions and diligent efforts have earned him immense respect and admiration, making him a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and a beacon of hope for those in need.

Shri Bhrigu Nath Ojha

Expertise: Strategic Vision

Shri Bhrigu Nath Ojha, a seasoned expert with over four decades of illustrious experience in the power sector, plays a pivotal role as the Non-Executive Independent Director at Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. With a distinguished career, including his notable tenure as the Director (Operations) at NTPC, Shri Ojha brings invaluable knowledge and leadership capabilities to our organization. Recognized for his strategic vision, he is committed to paving the way towards a greener future for Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd by championing the adoption of sustainable energy practices. Equipped with his profound understanding of the power industry, Shri Ojha is poised to lead our company towards achieving greater milestones in environmentally friendly operations, thus setting a remarkable example in the pursuit of green energy and sustainable growth.

Bhavna Govindbhai Desai

Expertise: Strategic Vision

Ms. Bhawna G. Desai, a Woman Independent Director, brings over two decades of valuable experience in shares and securities market activities. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Bombay University, her insights enrich our leadership team with diversity and perspective. Additionally, her focus on the sustainability of assets ensures the company is well-directed.'

Shri Dinesh Gandhi

Expertise: Strategic Vision

Mr. Dinesh Gandhi, an accomplished fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Institute of Company Secretaries of India, serves as the Executive Director. With a career spanning over 35 years, he brings a wealth of experience in accounts, finance, project planning, and financing. His strategic financial acumen plays a pivotal role in guiding our company's trajectory.

Shri Yarra Chandra Rao

Expertise: Strategic Vision

Shri Yarra Chandra Rao, Chairman & Non-Executive Director, adeptly manages legal and secretarial compliances. A seasoned professional with a background in law, he has navigated legal matters and compliance requirements with skill. His tenure since 1996 has contributed significantly to the company's growth.

Shri Vinod Pillai

Expertise: Public Relations & Liasoning

Shri Vinod Pillai, an experienced commerce graduate, plays a crucial role as an Executive Director. With two decades of experience spanning Sales, Administration, Liasoning, and Logistics, he has been integral in commissioning new projects within Hira Group of Industries.

Shri Ajay Dubey

Expertise: Execution, Operations, Strategy

Shri Ajay Dubey, a stalwart with an impressive three-decade tenure, assumes the crucial role of overseeing plant operations at Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. As a revered leader, he has deep operational expertise that have been instrumental in driving operational excellence and ensures seamless production, maintaining highest standards of quality. With his unwavering dedication, he has cemented his position as an invaluable member of the organization, consistently contributing to the realization of the board's vision and Hira group's achievements.

Shri Vinay Agrawal

Expertise: Commercial, Operational Strategy, Business Development

Mr. Vinay Agrawal, an MBA graduate from the Indian School of Business, is the visionary leader driving the Hira group. With expertise in operations and a profound understanding of the Electricity and Manganese alloys sector, his commitment to aligning the company with the board's vision ensures seamless harmony in all aspects from commercial trade to technical functions. His dedication to adopt new technology and processes, fosters a culture of innovation and growth propelling the company to unparallelled heights.

Together, our leadership team embodies a diverse blend of experience, expertise, and dedication. Their visionary leadership propels Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd to continually achieve excellence, innovation, and growth.

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